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More grants awarded from the Inverclyde Sports Personality Awards 

Over recent months, eight more grants have been awarded from the Inverclyde Sports Personality Awards and those awarded the grants came together in the Waterfront Leisure Centre for a photocall.

These grants relate to skating, weightlifting and cheerleading, a new sport accepted for the Olympics, where youngsters from Inverclyde are competing next year in the World championships in America.

Rhys McCole, a former winner of one of the category sports awards and a previous recipient of a sports award grant was on hand to pass on good wishes to everyone. Rhys said, ‘I know how difficult it can be to get grass roots funding and I am delighted that the Sports Personality Awards team have been able to provide this number of recent grants’.

For the organisers Chris Jewell said. ‘While these grants are not huge, we know that they are a considerable value as part of needed overall funding, and we are very glad to be able to help in this way.’

Awards were granted to:

Jayla Kepler – golf

Oliver Kurek – skating

Tai Bao – skating

Jian Bao – skating

Eva Campbell – cheerleading

Emma McBride – cheerleading

Luna McGuinness – cheerleading

Grant application forms can be downloaded from


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