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Throughout 2023, Kyle showcased his athletic prowess across various competitions, demonstrating remarkable achievements in wheelchair racing. In April, he participated in the UK Athletics Coventry Spring Meet, achieving season's best times in the 100m, 400m, and 1500m events. Subsequently, Kyle competed in the UK Wheelchair Championships and the UK Wheelchair Grand Prix in June and July, where he narrowly missed his personal best times across multiple distances.


At the national level, Kyle's excellence shone brightly. In May, he triumphed at the Babcock 10k Road Race, clinching the Scottish Wheelchair 10k Road Champion title. His success continued in September at the Scottish Disability Sport Senior Track & Field Championships, where he secured victories in the wheelchair 400m, 800m, and 1500m races, earning the Scottish Wheelchair Track Champion title for each distance.


n October, Kyle participated in the Glasgow Great Scottish Run Wheelchair 10k, finishing second and ranking among the top ten wheelchair athletes in the UK for the distance. Subsequently, at the Jedburgh Wheelchair 10k, he achieved a remarkable personal best time, elevating his status to the fourth fastest wheelchair athlete in the UK.

Kyle's dedication extended beyond his personal achievements, as he actively engaged with younger wheelchair athletes during Inverclyde Athletic Club's training sessions, contributing to their enjoyment and development in the sport. His outstanding performances throughout the year serve as a testament to his hard work and commitment to excellence.

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Christopher holds a distinguished position within Port Glasgow Otters as one of its longest-serving members, having devoted over 35 years to competitive swimming with the club. His enduring commitment to the sport serves as a beacon of inspiration for younger swimmers, embodying dedication and sportsmanship. Christopher's role extends beyond the pool, as he provides unwavering support to teammates, offering reassurance and encouragement before races while genuinely caring for each member of the team.


As a coach, Christopher remains a delight to work with, consistently displaying dedication to training and preparation for competitions. His sustained efforts have yielded numerous medal wins over the years, showcasing his enduring passion and skill in the sport. Christopher's enduring presence and positive influence within Port Glasgow Otters underscore his invaluable contribution to the club's culture and success.



Lauren's journey from a life-altering road accident to becoming a beacon of resilience and triumph is truly remarkable. Despite spending five months in an induced coma and being initially told she might never walk again, she defied all odds. Within just two years, she relearned how to swim and emerged as an inspiring example of overcoming adversity.


At the national level, Lauren showcased her remarkable progress by competing in the Masters National Championships in April 2023. Despite it being her first competition since childhood, she performed admirably, achieving personal records and qualifying alongside some of the country's top able-bodied swimmers.


Her achievements extend to the international stage, where she recently qualified for the World Para Series Championships. Competing against elite para athletes from around the globe, Lauren not only held her own but also made a significant impact. She qualified for two separate finals and even broke a longstanding Scottish record in the 50m Backstroke event. Lauren's journey epitomises resilience, determination, and the power of the human spirit to overcome adversity and achieve greatness.



Throughout the past year, Aimee Hagan has demonstrated outstanding achievements and growth in swimming. Participating in five galas, she notably represented the West of Scotland Team at the National Summer Games in Stirling, where she attained three gold medals and one silver medal, showcasing her exceptional talent and competitive spirit.


Aimee's progress in swimming has been remarkable, highlighted by her completion of the 200-meter race for the first time and her return to the butterfly stroke following the COVID-19 pandemic. She has consistently excelled in various events, earning multiple gold, silver, and bronze medals while achieving personal best times in both Class 1 and open events at regional and national levels.


In addition to her individual success, Aimee has embraced a role as a mentor and trainer, now training with the Inverclyde Masters Club while also providing support to younger members of the Port Glasgow Otters. Her dedication to her own development and her willingness to give back to her community exemplify her commitment to the sport of swimming and serve as an inspiration to her peers and aspiring athletes alike.


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