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Greenock Glenpark Harriers (GGH) highlights its continued growth and inclusivity as it approaches its 130th anniversary in 2025. The club welcomed 33 new members in 2023, maintaining its reputation as one of the most inclusive athletics clubs in the country. Despite economic challenges, GGH offers the lowest membership fees in athletics, providing access to numerous benefits including club races, coached training sessions, and entry fees for national events.


GGH's commitment to community engagement is exemplified through fundraising initiatives, such as supporting the Ardgowan Hospice and organising events to benefit local refugees. The club also achieved Active Schools Accreditation for the second consecutive year, further solidifying its impact beyond competitive athletics.

A significant milestone for GGH in 2023 was the launch of "The GGH Pod," a podcast offering insights into club activities and athletics, which has garnered a substantial following. Additionally, the club's athletes achieved remarkable success both locally and internationally, with standout performances from Paul Monaghan and Neil Lafferty in various age categories and disciplines. Former international athlete Jill Cox's resurgence in competition, including podium finishes at prestigious events like the Great Scottish Run, further underscores GGH's prominence in athletics.



Inverclyde Amateur Swimming Club (ASC) stands out as the sole Scottish Swimming registered competitive swimming club for juniors in the Inverclyde region, committed to fostering a supportive environment for children to reach their full potential. Rather than solely aiming to produce champions, the club focuses on creating an environment where champion performances naturally emerge.


Throughout the past year, Inverclyde ASC has showcased exceptional dedication, skill, and sportsmanship in the local swimming community, participating in approximately 25 swimming events. Despite facing challenges such as a broken pool floor at the Waterfront Leisure Centre, the club members consistently achieved personal bests, secured numerous medals, and earned accolades, highlighting their unwavering determination.


Their outstanding performance underscores their relentless hard work and dedication. Moreover, Inverclyde ASC has exhibited exemplary sportsmanship, fostering a positive and supportive atmosphere among competitors. Their ability to inspire and uplift others reflects the values of camaraderie and teamwork in swimming.


The mini-league team's consecutive victory for the second year in a row demonstrates their sheer determination and unwavering team spirit. Each member's commitment to pushing their limits and supporting one another has been crucial in achieving this remarkable feat.

In summary, Inverclyde ASC's unparalleled excellence in performance, sportsmanship, and contribution to the local swimming community serves as a shining example of what can be achieved through dedication, perseverance, and teamwork.



Inverclyde Masters Swimming celebrated one of its most triumphant national championships in history, clinching an impressive haul of 13 Golds, 14 Silvers, and 15 Bronzes. Remarkably, the club produced 13 national champions, alongside shattering 4 Scottish Records. The event showcased exceptional turnout and a diverse representation across various age groups and disciplines, spotlighting the club's extensive talent pool. As a coach, witnessing such depth underscored the club's prowess.


Furthermore, in April, Kyara earned Coach of the Year, and Sam claimed the title of Overall Sports Personality at the Sports Personality Awards. Throughout the year, cycling expeditions yielded success. Marian and Campbell secured Scottish champion titles at the Aquathon Championships, while Steven triumphed with a Gold and Bronze at the SLDS National Games. Richard and Eve excelled at numerous National Disability events, and Gerry and Gian found success at the National Open Water Championships.


The summer season boasted memorable events, including a glow stick swim and a charity distance challenge for the Darcy Sunshine Foundation. Members also participated in various triathlons and swimming competitions, with Lauren's recent achievement of securing two finals and breaking a Scottish record at The World Para Series in Aberdeen.

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Port Glasgow Otters celebrates a remarkable year of growth and achievement, welcoming six new members and expanding to over 35 individuals with diverse needs. The club prides itself on fostering a supportive community, offering sporting opportunities, mentorship, and friendship to members ranging from 6 months to over 50 years old, ensuring lifelong support for all.


Throughout the year, the Otters have demonstrated exceptional team spirit, friendship, and confidence, reflecting the club's nurturing environment. They've excelled both recreationally and competitively, dedicating numerous hours to swimming lessons and training for competitions. Notably, 11 swimmers and 3 coaches represented the West of Scotland at the National Games, contributing to an impressive medal haul: 56 gold, 34 silver, and 34 bronze.


For many younger swimmers, this marked their first experience competing at such a level, representing their national team with distinction. Their conduct, characterised by exemplary sportsmanship and camaraderie, earned praise from coaches and team managers alike. The achievements of Port Glasgow Otters in both sporting success and fostering a supportive, inclusive community highlight their dedication and spirit as a club.

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The Waterfront Ice Skating Club showcased outstanding performances in various competitions throughout the year, demonstrating their skill and dedication on the ice.


At the Blackpool Skating Festival, 23 skaters from the club participated, achieving an impressive 8 podium finishes collectively.

In the Magnum Open 2023, the club was represented by 12 skaters who excelled, securing 2 first places, along with podium finishes in second and third positions, as well as several other commendable rankings.


Similarly, at Skate Ayrshire 2023, the club's 10 representatives showcased their talent with 3 first-place finishes, along with podium positions in second and fifth places, demonstrating consistent excellence across multiple competitions.

These achievements reflect the club's commitment to excellence and the hard work put in by both skaters and coaches. The Waterfront Ice Skating Club continues to thrive in competitive environments, showcasing their skills and determination on the ice with remarkable success.


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