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Cross Country

The under 13 Ardgowan Cross Country team achieved a remarkable victory by clinching the prestigious Inverclyde cross country championship title. This triumph stands as a testament to their collective talent, dedication, and hard work in the realm of competitive running.


The under 13 Ardgowan team's success demonstrates their exceptional skill and endurance, as they navigated challenging courses and tough competition to emerge victorious.

Leading up to the championship, the team undoubtedly invested countless hours in training, honing their physical fitness and refining their running technique. Their commitment to excellence, both individually and as a team, played a pivotal role in their ability to perform at their peak during the championship event.

This win not only highlights the talent and potential of the under 13 Ardgowan Cross Country team but also serves as a source of pride for their school and community. It is a testament to their resilience, teamwork, and sportsmanship, embodying the spirit of athletic achievement.



The team's exceptional performance in the League season, culminating in an unbeaten run, showcases their hard work, discipline, and dedication to their sport. Their convincing victory over holders St Ninians in the semi-final of the P&D Scottish Schools U16s League Shield set the stage for a historic final against Mearns Castle. Despite a previous loss to Mearns Castle in the St Mirren Cup, the team secured a remarkable 4 - 2 victory in the final, claiming the trophy for the first time in the school's history.


The boys' unbeaten record in the League underscores their consistent effort, focus, and teamwork. Their collective spirit, fostered through mutual support both on and off the pitch, has been integral to their success. This unity has strengthened their bond as a team and contributed to their growth and development.


Moreover, the team's progress has resulted in two players being selected for the Scottish Schools regional squad and one player chosen for the Scottish Schools International squad. These selections reflect the team's commitment to excellence and their dedication to improving both individually and collectively. Overall, their achievements signify a significant milestone in the school's Football history and highlight their potential for continued success in the future



The school's achievements at the national level are notable, with the S3 team advancing to the semi-finals of the Scottish Schools Cup and the S2 team securing runners-up position in the Scottish Schools Plate. Additionally, ten students have completed the Introduction to Coaching Award, while four seniors are pursuing the C Level Umpiring award, highlighting their commitment to sports leadership. S3 and S4 pupils are actively engaged in coaching S1/2 peers during lunchtimes and after-school hours, which not only boosts participation in extracurricular activities but also contributes to the school's success on a national scale.


Moreover, several girls have joined Clyde Netball club, with some taking up coaching and officiating roles, demonstrating their capacity for leadership and skill development. Their dedication is evident as they continuously refine their abilities and recently guided the S1 team to the semi-finals of the Scottish Schools Cup, underscoring their growing proficiency and unwavering commitment to excellence.


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