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Andrea's journey with Port Glasgow Otters spans over 30 years, starting as a successful swimmer and transitioning into a dedicated coach. Despite facing challenges as a disabled member of the community, Andrea's commitment to the club and her advocacy for inclusive sports have been unwavering.


As a coach, Andrea shares her extensive knowledge and skills with swimmers at both family and competition training sessions. She ensures that coaching responses are tailored to each swimmer's needs, fostering confidence and growth across all levels of swimming ability. Andrea's efforts have led to the recruitment of two new families into the club, showcasing her ambassadorial qualities and dedication to inclusivity.

In addition to her contributions to Port Glasgow Otters, Andrea expanded her impact by volunteering as a coach for the Scotland West National Team. At the National Summer Games in 2023, she played a vital role in coaching 40 swimmers with Learning and Processing Needs, surpassing her own expectations and demonstrating her coaching prowess at a national level.


Andrea's journey exemplifies the transformative power of sports engagement, showcasing how dedication and positivity can lead to opportunities for personal growth and community impact. Her enduring commitment to Port Glasgow Otters serves as an inspiration to others, highlighting the profound value of sports in people's lives



Rhys not only teaches boxing skills but also incorporates valuable life lessons such as anti-bullying, anti-weapon crime, anti-drugs and substance abuse, as well as common manners and courtesy. The benefits of the classes extend beyond physical fitness and have a positive impact on mental health. The results have been significant, particularly for the grandchildren of the person speaking. Before attending these classes, they were disinterested in school and often got into trouble. However, within weeks of participating in the boxing program, their behavior improved tremendously. They stopped smoking vapes and started engaging in fitness training instead of aimlessly wandering the streets. This initiative was created by Rhys himself, who is quite young, and he delivers it in a number of local schools without the involvement of external organisations. The impact of Rhys' program is remarkable, as it not only helps the children develop physical skills but also equips them with the tools to be successful in other areas of their lives.



Hannah has been an integral member of the Inverclyde AC Coaching team for the past four years, showcasing her dedication and versatility across various coaching roles. She leads the Minis Session for children aged 5-8, taking on the responsibility of the P4/5 group and assuming the role of Lead coach for a session overseeing all four groups. Additionally, she coaches the U’13 group during the Club Session, ensuring the smooth operation of sessions even in the absence of the lead coach due to an extended holiday.


In August 2023, Hannah initiated a new session catering to children with physical disabilities in collaboration with Active Schools Inverclyde, demonstrating her commitment to inclusivity and accessibility in sports. She also actively participates in Saturday sessions and events, volunteering her time to support various coaching endeavours, including coaching teams that reached the finals of the Scottish Superteam Championships.


Hannah's exemplary dedication, willingness to help others, and athlete-centred coaching approach have earned her the admiration and respect of both athletes and fellow coaches. Her proactive attitude and leadership qualities make her a valuable asset to the coaching team, with more experienced coaches often seeking her guidance and direction. Hanna's contributions epitomise the spirit of volunteerism, leadership, and dedication in sports coaching, making her an invaluable member of the Inverclyde AC community.

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Stevie McLoone is praised for epitomising the traits of an exceptional coach: creativity, excellence, and a sincere dedication to helping athletes achieve their utmost potential. His influence within the club and among the athletes he mentors has been significant, establishing him as a strong contender for Coach of the Year recognition.


Steve’s creativity shines through in his coaching methods, as he constantly seeks innovative approaches to training and skill development. This ingenuity not only keeps sessions engaging but also fosters an environment conducive to growth and improvement.

Moreover, his commitment to excellence is evident in every aspect of his coaching. He sets high standards for both himself and his athletes, pushing them to strive for nothing less than their best. Through his guidance, athletes are empowered to consistently surpass their previous limits, achieving feats they once deemed unattainable.

Above all, Steve's genuine passion for supporting athletes underscores his coaching philosophy. He invests wholeheartedly in their success, serving not only as a mentor but also as a source of inspiration and motivation. His unwavering belief in their potential fuels their determination and fosters a sense of trust and camaraderie within the team.


In summary, Steve’s embodiment of creativity, excellence, and genuine passion makes him a standout candidate for Coach of the Year, leaving an indelible mark on the club and the athletes he guides.

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Martin plays a vital role in the development of swimmers' physical attributes, crucial for their success in the pool. His dedication to dry land training has significantly impacted swimmers' abilities, focusing on injury prevention and enhancing overall performance. Through his expertise, he conducts training sessions aimed at improving swimmers' strength, power, agility, flexibility, balance, and coordination, essential for mastering different strokes.


Martin's efforts have led to the success of swimmers in competitions, with several achieving Scottish Age Group titles and medals in 2023. He continuously updates his knowledge through CPD sessions and workshops, ensuring the delivery of relevant and effective training programs. Martin's involvement extends beyond regular training sessions; he organises challenges and attends swim training camps to provide comprehensive support to swimmers.


or over a decade, Martin has been instrumental in nurturing young athletes up to the age of 18 at IASC, creating a supportive and enjoyable environment for skill development and social engagement. Despite limited resources, his innovative coaching approach yields remarkable results. Martin's athlete-centred approach and unwavering commitment make him a valued asset to the sporting community, deserving recognition for his significant contribution


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