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John Bell has demonstrated remarkable athletic prowess, securing several victories and accolades in 2023. At the local level, he clinched the top spot in the Kilmacolm Road Races Half Marathon and achieved a commendable sixth place in the Great Scottish Run Half Marathon.

On the national stage, John showcased his dominance by winning the Scottish Athletics 10k Road Race Championships, earning the prestigious Gold Medal and the title of Scottish Champion. Additionally, he secured a Bronze Medal in both the Scottish Athletics 10k Mile Road Race Championships and the Scottish Athletics 10k Track Championships. Notably, in his debut half marathon, John claimed the second spot at the Edinburgh Half Marathon.


Internationally, John received a notable call-up to represent Scotland at the Antrim Coast Half Marathon, finishing 35th and contributing to Scotland's third-place finish.


Recognizing his exceptional contributions to athletics, John was named one of Athletics Trust Scotland's inaugural Ambassadors. In this role, he has actively participated in shaping the organization's initiatives for 2024, including promoting national running week to raise awareness and fundraising for charitable causes.


John's overarching ambition is to foster inclusivity in sports for all residents of Inverclyde, reflecting his commitment to community engagement and development through athletics

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At 87 years old, George Byng, a distinguished weightlifter and former Commonwealth Games Competitor, embarked on an extraordinary journey to set a new World Weightlifting record. In a remarkable display of strength and determination, he undertook this formidable challenge as part of a sponsored attempt to support Ardgowan Hospice.


George’s quest for the deadweight world record was not his only feat. At a prestigious national level British & Scottish Masters powerlifting event, he achieved yet another remarkable milestone. Demonstrating his unparalleled prowess, George shattered both the Scottish and British records for deadlift in the 85-87 age category, hoisting an impressive 92.5kg.


His accomplishments serve as an inspiring testament to the power of resilience and dedication regardless of age. George’s unwavering commitment to pushing his limits and making a positive impact through his efforts resonates deeply, not only within the weightlifting community but also beyond. His remarkable achievements stand as a beacon of inspiration, encouraging individuals of all ages to pursue their passions relentlessly and make a difference in the world.

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Jill's integration into Greenock Glenpark Harriers (GGH) in 2022 marked the beginning of an extraordinary journey within the club. Motivated by a desire to continue racing at a high level following her relocation to the area, Jill found GGH's robust program appealing, with its array of 11 club races and championship awards. Despite being a new member, Jill quickly asserted her dominance, clinching victories in every club race she entered in 2023 and securing the senior women's championship trophy in her inaugural year.


Jill's impressive track record extends beyond club races, with numerous national-level accolades spanning decades. Notably, she shattered over half of the club's longstanding records and achieved remarkable feats in various competitions, including finishing in the top 10 overall in several races and securing podium positions in her age category.

Her influence extends beyond personal achievements, as she serves as a role model for young female runners within the club and contributes to the success of senior ladies' teams. Notably, Jill's exceptional performance at the Great Scottish Run 10km race in 2023, where she finished third overall and claimed victory in the V40 category, stands out as a crowning achievement for both her and GGH.

Jill's unwavering dedication, combined with her outstanding athletic prowess, has significantly elevated GGH's profile and inspired admiration among her peers, making her a celebrated figure within the club and beyond.



Lucha DS boasts an impressive record as a three-time heavyweight champion, showcasing his dominance and skill in the professional wrestling arena. His exceptional talent and dedication have propelled him to the pinnacle of the sport, earning him the respect of fans and fellow competitors alike.


In addition to his heavyweight accolades, Lucha DS has also achieved success as a Welsh champion, further solidifying his reputation as a formidable force in professional wrestling. His ability to excel in multiple championships demonstrates his versatility and adaptability in the ring, allowing him to overcome diverse opponents and challenges.

As a wrestler, Lucha DS embodies the essence of the sport, combining athleticism, showmanship, and technique to deliver electrifying performances for audiences worldwide. His charismatic presence and dynamic in-ring style captivate fans, making him a standout performer in the competitive world of professional wrestling.


With his impressive track record and ongoing commitment to excellence, Lucha DS continues to make waves in the wrestling industry, leaving a lasting legacy as a champion.

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David Owens showcased his unparalleled skill by shattering the Scottish Masters record an impressive 13 times, solidifying his dominance in the sport. His relentless dedication and unwavering determination propelled him to extraordinary heights.


Continuing his journey on the international stage, David represented Scotland in the European Masters Championship held in Ireland. Despite facing stiff competition, he demonstrated remarkable resilience and prowess, finishing in an admirable sixth place. His performance on the European platform further cemented his status as a formidable force in weightlifting.


David’s achievements not only exemplify his exceptional talent but also serve as a testament to his relentless pursuit of excellence. His unwavering commitment to his craft and tireless efforts have earned him well-deserved recognition both nationally and internationally, inspiring aspiring athletes and admirers alike.

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