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Caleb's dedication to the Port Glasgow Otters Swimming Club is multifaceted and deeply rooted in his identity as both a volunteer and a community member. At just 20 years old, Caleb stands out as a natural leader and mentor within the club, demonstrating a passion for swimming and teaching others. His commitment to inclusivity is evident as he strives to ensure that every member, regardless of ability, has the opportunity to learn and thrive in a supportive environment.



As a swimming teacher, Caleb brings energy, patience, and tailored instruction to every lesson, accommodating diverse skill levels and learning styles. He emphasises water safety alongside swimming techniques, instilling confidence and competence in his students. Beyond the poolside, Caleb serves as a mentor and role model, encouraging younger club members to set goals and believe in themselves.


Caleb's volunteer contributions extend beyond individual teaching sessions; he shapes the club's culture, fosters excellence, and promotes a sense of belonging among members. Without Caleb's dedication, the club would face challenges in providing coaching, skill development opportunities, and maintaining team morale and community engagement. Overall, Caleb's unwavering commitment and positive impact make him an invaluable asset to the Port Glasgow Otters, enriching the experiences of all involved.



Madison embarked on her Sports Leader course in August 2022 and successfully completed it by summer 2023. Concurrently, she took on the role of Young Ambassador within her school and remained an active member of the sports council. Her commitment to sports extended beyond the classroom as she volunteered to deliver afterschool netball sessions at Aileymill Primary School, attracting 25 regular attendees. Madison not only planned and executed these sessions but also umpired matches and introduced initiatives like the "star of the club" award, fostering enthusiasm among participants.

Moreover, Madison volunteered for Active Girls Day, conducting aerobic/dance routines across multiple primary schools, reaching approximately 300 girls. Her efforts have significantly increased participation in netball, with even three boys now attending the sessions, pushing capacity to its limits.


Madison's dedication isn't confined to afterschool activities; she also mentors a teacher to ensure the sustainability of the netball club. Her expertise, coupled with a passion for netball, has been instrumental in nurturing confidence and skill development among participants. Additionally, Madison actively engages in arranging friendly matches and consistently provides guidance to support ongoing initiatives, ensuring the continuity of the club for future students. Overall, Madison's unwavering commitment and innovative approach have enriched the sporting experience for students while fostering a culture of inclusivity and skill development.



Erin has dedicated over two years to coaching the girls' section of Port Glasgow Juniors, demonstrating exceptional commitment by adjusting her part-time job shifts around her coaching responsibilities. She goes above and beyond by sacrificing her weekends to support the team during matches and training sessions. Erin actively contributes to setting up training drills and provides valuable input to ensure the team's success in both practice and match activities.


Beyond her coaching duties, Erin offers unwavering support to the young players, boosting their confidence and offering reassurance during moments of anxiety. Having played football since the age of five with the juniors, Erin transitioned into coaching after her own team disbanded. She has completed various courses, including Level 1.1 grassroots football, Child Well Being, and Mental Health in Children, reflecting her dedication to professional development and ensuring the well-being of her players.


Erin serves as a role model coach, embodying the spirit of dedication, passion, and compassion in nurturing young football talent within the community. Her commitment to both the sport and the well-being of her players makes her an invaluable asset to Port Glasgow Juniors.


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