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For over two decades, Jim has dedicated himself to Port Glasgow Otters, initially as a volunteer during his professional tenure and later, upon retiring from teaching swimming. His commitment spans from coaching young swimmers to offering support and guidance, fostering both skill and confidence. Jim possesses a remarkable ability to discern the unique needs of each swimmer, ensuring they thrive as learners. Witnessing Jim's impact on swimmers, observing their growth in ability and self-assurance, is truly inspiring. His efforts extend beyond coaching; Jim's role as an official ensures inclusive opportunities for all members, enriching the club's culture. By embodying qualities like dedication, positivity, and leadership, Jim serves as a beacon within both Port Glasgow Otters and the broader Inverclyde community. His contributions are fundamental to the club's ethos and achievements, shaping a culture of success and inclusivity. Jim's unwavering dedication and impact make him a true inspiration to all.

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John's pivotal role in the club's success is unmistakable, as evidenced by his guidance, mentoring and leadership, which have propelled the club to its current prominent position in the area. As the incumbent President,  John's foundational work has significantly eased  responsibilities, making it possible to focus on overarching club objectives confidently. Although he officially stepped down in 2024, John's influence remains palpable, his hands never truly leaving the helm.


Remarkably, amidst his leadership commitments, John also embraced the role of a first-time grandfather in 2023 while managing a demanding professional career and navigating the complexities of family life. His ability to juggle multiple responsibilities without faltering is commendable.


The club is deeply appreciative of John's multifaceted contributions, acknowledging the countless hours he has devoted to its advancement and the broader sporting community. Winning an award would serve as a fitting tribute to John's extensive behind-the-scenes efforts, which have left an enduring impact on both local and national sport.

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Throughout 2023, David's dedication to aiding fellow athletes and groups within the club became increasingly evident. What began as assisting a few individuals during their training sessions expanded into a structured and widespread support system. David outfitted his bike with a hands-free video camera to provide real-time feedback on technique, performance, and fatigue to athletes and coaches during their sessions. Often seen assisting individuals multiple times a day, particularly on Tuesdays and Thursdays, David's contributions extended beyond training support. He created motivational video montages with music, fostering a sense of unity among club members who trained in separate groups due to venue restrictions. Despite his active participation in events, David's commitment to aiding others did not waver, earning him the admiration and gratitude of his peers and younger athletes who view him as a role model. His selfless actions, combined with his inspirational social media posts, have made him a revered figure within the Inverclyde AC community. While David may not seek recognition, his unwavering dedication and impactful contributions make him a deserving nominee for the ISPA Volunteer of 2023, embodying the essence of an 'Unsung Hero' within the club.


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