Swimming and Wheelchair Athletics

Kyle took part in the Red Star Champs competing in the 100m, 200m, 400m, 800m and 1500m.  he came in 2nd in 3 events and 1st in 2 events. He then went on to the Forth Vally Flyers Champs again competing in 5 events and he won 3 events and 2nd in 2 events.  He then took part in the S.D.S. Champs (Senior) and again 5 events and won 3 and came 2nd twice.


Kyle was invited to take part in a 800m race at the Mulla Anniversary game to highlight disability sport and the paralympics. It was televised on BBC1.  At a National even Kyle travelled to Stoke Mandville to compete at the British Wheelchair Grand Prix. He took part in the 100m, 200m, 400m 800m, 1500m. This is not a medal event but a times event and he personal best in 4/5 events.

He took part in the Vitality Big Half coming in 6th out of 16 racers (in London) and he then went on to the Manchester Marathon in which he again was 6th with a time of 2.02.  This was followed by the London Marathon with a time of 2.09.  In Cork at an Invitational Race (800m) unfortunately Kyle collided with another racer breaking his tibia and had to take time out to heal but he got back to training to compete at the Glasgow 10k, Kilmarnock 10k and Hedburgh 10k in which he got the Gold Medal for the Scottish 10k Grand Prix.

Kyle will always encourage other disabled people to think about keeping it and active. He will take part in talks in schools and actively seek out kids that will benefit from sport. He helps and advises people in his club to get better and to raise awareness that disabled sport exists and is accessible.



Isaac has the following achievements for 2019:

Clyde Valley Beavers Gala - wish - 2 Gold and 1 Silver ; West of Scotland Regional Championships - Tollcross - 4 Gold and 1 Silver; Scottish National Championships - Grangemouth - 3 Gold 2 Silver. At an International level Isaac achieved the following: British/International Competition - Manchester 1 Gold, 1 Silver and 1 Bronze.  As well as teaching swimming in the Waterfront Pool, Greenock. Isaac also coaches the competitive swimmers in Port Glasgow Otters and is in the pool with the leader swimmers  before his own training session on a Sunday.



At a Local Level Aimee achieved Scottish Regional Championship Tollcross 7/2 Backstroke 50 metres, class 2 Gold PB Breaststroke 50 metres, class 2 Silver PB Freestyle 50 metres, class 2 Gold PB Clyde Valley Beavers, Wishaw 3/3 Backstroke 50 metres Class 1 4th Breaststroke 50 metres Class 2 Silver Freestyle 100 metre open Gold PB Port Glasgow Otters Annual Gala 16/6 100 metre individual medley Gold Freestyle 50 metres Gold PB Freestyle 100 metres Silver PB West of Scotland School Trials Tollcross 2/10 Aimee raced in 5 swims Individual medley PB Backstroke Class 1 50 metres PB Butterfly Class 2 50 metres PB Breaststroke class 2 50 metres Freestyle class 1 100 metres Renfrewshire Disability Gala 4/12 Linwood Backstroke 50 metres Gold PB Freestyle 50 metres Gold PB Annual Jubilee Gala 23/11 Scotsoun Backstroke 50 metres class 1 Silver Freestyle 100 metre 5th Relay race at end 1st place. Nationally, at Scottish National Championships 20/11 Tollcross Individual medley Bronze PB Breaststroke class 2 50 metres Gold PB Butterfly class 2 50 metres 4th PB

Aimee has represented not only her swimming club, Port Glasgow Otters but also her school Craigmarloch in more events this year. She has excelled in all her strokes and successfully competed in medley and butterfly races as well for the 1st time. She has continually set personal best times throughout the season totalling in a larger number of medals. She continually supports her team mates with enthusiasm and a valued member of the club

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Disabled Sports Personality 2019