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Kay is the Lead coach in the club’s U’11 group -The ZoominZebra’s.

The programme involves coaching  Fundamentals of Movement:  Balance Coordination Agility; Fundamental Movements: Brace Lunge Squat Hinge Push Pull Rotate ; Fundamental Skills of Running Jumping & Throwing.


As Lockdown relaxed, Kay volunteered to meet with small groups of junior members to deliver sessions within the protocols.  Once group training was allowed, Kay recognised that there was a need to offer more sessions to ensure that all members were able to participate. She volunteered to coach on Mondays and a new session was created.

Kay was supported in this by a new parent helper and a coaching assistant (level 1).

The parent helper has now qualified as a coaching assistant having been mentored and encouraged by Kay.


Looking at the children who attend the sessions, there is no indication that they have been adversely affected by any of the restrictions imposed over the past 2 years. 

Kay is one of ‘Unsung Heroes’   who quietly goes about   providing opportunities for others and enriching their lives, especially those whom she realises need that little bit extra help.   Kay is never happier than when she is working with young people and her greatest reward is to see smiles on their faces.

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MT’s commitment to developing girls rugby stretches outwith Inverclyde to the rest of the West of Scotland. She is outstanding and is always keen to further develop the girls game at all experience levels.


Scottish Rugby identified MT for their coach mentorship programme having recognised her commitment to the girls game. It was a gesture of support and recognition from a governing body.

She attends regular CPD and is working towards L3 World Rugby Strength and Conditioning having worked through L1 and L2.


She works tirelessly to make sure her team have everything that they need.  The improvement and development within every team that MT coaches is evident with numbers of girls playing rugby in Inverclyde continuing to grow.

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Emma coaches a group of sprinters male and female  aged between 15+ 21. In addition, since the return from both Lockdowns, Emma has been developing  

  • Jumping:  Long  High & Triple

  • Hurdles

  • Relays

This involves her attending more sessions to focus on these events and some weeks she has been coaching  5 sessions.

Emma has also been working with a U’17 athlete who had expressed an interest in Combined Events during 2019. This involves Emma liaising with other club coaches who are coaching the athlete in endurance and throwing events  to ensure that he is being given every opportunity to develop across the 10 events and in a safe and developmental way. 

  • Hurdle & Jumps sessions introduced to athletes U’15+

  • Relay development sessions for U’13+

  • Participation in individual and team events scheduled during Summer 2021

  • Participation in the Joint League over Summer 2021 U’17 & U’20  4 matches

  • Participation in the Scottish Indoor  League  2021-2022 Match 1 in November 2021 involving U’11 to U’20 athletes

  • During Lockdown 1 in 2020  and also Lockdown  2 in early 2021  Emma continued to communicate with her group of athletes using Zoom Meetings and issuing individual schedules to maintain their fitness.

  • Posted challenges on the clubs facebookgroup.

  • As Lockdown relaxed, Emma met with members of her group within the guidelines issued by NGB.


Emma’s 2021 Achievements speak for themselves:

    August 2021    U’17 Men’s National 4 x100m champions

     Senior Women  National 4 x 100m finalists

    July 2021    Jonathan Cameron  U’17 Mens’  Combined Events      (decathlon)   Silver

    December 2021. Jonathan Cameron  Represented SSAA at Pentathlon Indoor International

    December 2021. U’13 Girls qualify for final of 4 x 200m to be held in February 2022


She  has shown commitment and dedication to the development of the young athletes in her care. She exemplifies being a Role Model to all  the junior athletes who attend club sessions and in particular those she works with on a regular basis. She has:

  • When required, increased the number of sessions she coaches on a weekly basis.

  • Attended a wide variety of events to ensure that athletes who wish get the opportunities to perform

  • Engaged with younger athletes to develop hurdles and relays.

  • Established a network of coaches to assist athletes wanting to be involved in combined events

  • Encouraged new coaches to get involved in club sessions


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Andrew is currently a Level 3 swimming coach at Inverclyde ASC.  He has been working as a coach for 14 years but was a previous swimmer with the club.

He works as part of a coaching team training swimmers aged 5-17 years.  He is a valued member of the team and is committed to the development of each swimmer in meeting their individual potential and in developing their own aspirations and goals.  As part of his role he also attends appropriate competitions to help support and advise the swimmers.

He is well respected by swimmers, parents, coaches and committee.

Due to the covid restrictions our swimmers were unable to train in the water because the swimming pools were closed so the club had to find another way to keep the members engaged in the sport. During this time Andrew provided the swimmers online Land Fitness Training.  The exercises were swim specific to ensure the swimmers maintained their fitness for when they returned to the pool. Because these classes were available fitness levels were maintained so the transition back to the water was much smoother.

He is a committed and ambitious coach who has a holistic approach.  During this period he managed to keep the swimmers engaged and was always there to support them if required.  His sessions were always tailored specifically to swimming and he ensured he was prepared prior to training sessions.

His ambition and passion for developing young athletes shines through.  The purpose of his Land Training sessions was to prepare the swimmers for their return to the pool and it was a great success,  The swimmers transition was much smoother than expected and this was Andrew's aim.  Since returning back to the water he is one of the head coaches preparing the swimmers for The Clyde Coast Mini League.  HI enthusiasm and energy encourages the swimmers to train harder.  He is a well respected and liked coach by swimmers, parents, coaches and committee.

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Alan is Greenock Glenpark Harriers senior coach. Alan plans and delivers effective, inclusive & creative training sessions twice per week for all seniors within the club. He has committed 18 years of his life to coaching, 13 of those supporting our juniors and the remaining 5 years as lead senior coach. Over the last 5 years Alan has masterminded the clubs training session to sure they are inclusive for all members to take part, regardless of ability. He is a key member of GGH and has served as Club President and many others roles on the committee. Alan has attracted and encouraged at 50% of our current members into the club through local initiatives including parkrun.


The female team which included two new members, finished 3rd in the Renfrewshire Road Race championships. Something that has not been achieved for over 10 years. 


Alan has kept members engaged over the lockdowns through various initiatives including providing tailored training plans to weekly updates on progress and comical stories for new members to keep us all entertained.”



He has inspired a new generation of runners from 5km runners to Ultra Marathoners to lace up their shoes and get involved and has coached countless members to achieve lifetime best time and award at local and national level.

Alan has managed all of this and much more while juggling work, family and social commitments all as a volunteer.