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Greenock Glenpark Harriers celebrated 125 years of running and athletics within the Inverclyde area in 2020.  

Greenock Glenpark Harriers are always keen to give back and support the local community. In 2020/21 season we raised a total of £4,370 for local charities across Inverclyde through various races.


The senior women’s team has grown in numbers and strength over the last few seasons.  The club has continued to enjoy a growth in female membership, which now makes up 42% of our overall membership,

GGH seen an increase in membership. In 2014 the membership was 84 members in total. In 2021 they recorded 279 members, an increase of 120%!


The junior section has seen the largest increase. This is down to the hard work and dedication of volunteer coaches. The club now support anywhere between 50 – 60 athletes regularly. We offer training camps where we encourage  juniors to work and live together, cooking and cleaning the accommodation and learning about how to treat others in the world around them. 


Through the pandemic the were athletes motivated by producing a range of measures to keep up motivation and healthy competition.  The committee put together a series of virtual races which became very popular and the club numbers increased by 20% increase in participation with a record turnout at all club races across the season.

GGH are not only strong runners, there is a wide variety of disciplines within the club, most notably the triathlon section. Three members travelled to the National Aquathlon Championships in Irvine and came home with 3 gold medals and new National Champions.

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Inverclyde Amateur Swimming Club is committed to providing the resources for any child to attain their potential within a friendly & supportive environment.  It is the only Scottish Swimming registered competitive swimming club for juniors in the Inverclyde area.


Since it’s formation in 1978  the Club has continued to work extremely hard in maintaining a quality service, in terms of teaching both water skills and water safety to the children within the local community it serves. The Club Management Committee and coaches continue to strive to enhance the club within Inverclyde and the surrounding areas.


There are currently 118 members ranging from 5-17 years old. The club currently holds swiMark plus Accreditation, the highest level of accreditation that can be awarded from Scottish Swimming.

Despite the effects of the pandemic  they continued to remain positive and with the support of their parents and our dedicated coaches they attended Land Fitness training 4 nights per week via Zoom or outdoor sessions when restrictions allowed.  The coaches also held online baking and cooking sessions so swimmers could socialise with their peer groups.


All these things kept the members engaged which helped retain membership. 

After being back in the pool for a couple of months the club decided to run some ‘come and try’ sessions, to encourage other children to fulfil their passion to become a swimmer. These were free sessions to children within the Inverclyde area.


As time has gone on the competition calendar is gradually starting to return to normal.  Swimmers have been attending West District Meets and performing extremely well.  

The younger swimmers are now preparing for Clyde Coast Mini League in March 2022 and the older swimmers are preparing for Scottish National Age Group Championships in April 2022.

Although there are challenging times the committee and coaches continue to work tirelessly to ensure our swimmers have the highest level of achievement they are capable of.  Our swimmers are always our main priority.

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Ice Skating

The WISC was severely impacted by closures during the pandemic and failure of the ice plant machinery. Despite this the club of figure skaters were able to put on a production of the lion king - Circle of Life, working off ice for several weeks until the plant was fixed. Children of all levels were included in the production, helping them to develop their skating, team working and communication skills.  They took part in five shows prior to Christmas which were well received by each audience, impressed by the level of skills, emotional conviction and dedication of the skaters.


On a National Level Several of the clubs skaters took part in testing this spring to achieve field moves, elements and free skate awards.  They will start the competitive skating season at Blackpool in April.