Martial Arts

Founder, Instructor/Examiner of Scottish Jiu Jitsu Renmei. Started training with his father in Traditional Goshindo Jiu Jitsu in 1951 at 9 years old uni 1959. He then joined the Merchant Navy and studied Martial Arts whenever he got the chance.  He runs the Scottish Jiu Jitsu Club and his knowledge is essential to the club ensuring all gradings fully met and passed.  For the past 22 years John has delivered 8 hours per week for this club.  He holds the club together and gives his time freely.  He is a true martial arts master with a positive outlook. John is the only Jiu Jitsu person in the UK to be inducted into the all Japan Martial Arts Jiu Jitsu Clan and awarded his Japanese Sokeship.  The club are proud to have Grand Master Soke John Black as their Coach


American Football

Martin McClintock has dedicated himself on a voluntary basis the success of the Inverclyde Goliaths and Inverclyde American Football as a whole. In his time at the Goliaths Martin has taken a rookie American Football team to a British Championship title in their first year of full membership in the British American Football League. This was achieved by attracting and retaining athletes to the team by delivering a comprehensive and enjoyable training programme that ensures athletes are ready for the challenges that American Football presents both physically and mentally. Preparation and ensuring the readiness of players by dedicating many hours providing feedback through practice tape and game tape through the Hudl platform – breaking down areas for improvement and ensuring clear understanding through classroom education sessions and translating those onto the practice field. Martin has grown his coaching staff by creating an environment of development and mentorship to give the skill set to aspiring coaches and ensuring they are supported in the training sessions they are delivering. Without Martin McClintock, Inverclyde Goliaths players, coaches and volunteers would not have had the level of success both on and off the field that was witnessed in 2019 – British Champions from Inverclyde!!



Stewart helps develop the skills of a new group of children in both track and field events every year. He has introduced new drills and exercises this year which have promoted their skills and abilities. He has helped support and guide three children from High School who returned from last year's squad to help out with this year's training. 

Stewart has been an invaluable help to Inverkip Primary; his dedication has been unwavering and without him the children would not have been able to achieve the amount of success that they over the last two decades. Obviously our squad changes every year but he has been able to gain the trust of each new group of children. They look forward to him coming in and enjoy the sessions that he helps manage. Stewart's presence and abilities allows us to run with an increased number of children; giving more the opportunity than I'd be able to cope with on my own. It also enables us to split our squad for outdoor and indoor training (the only real running area for our athletes is outside). Personally, I didn't know Stewart before he started to volunteer, I enjoy his company and we have become friends outwith the school environment. He cares about the children and wants to give them the opportunity to develop and achieve as much success as they can.

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Adult Volunteer of the Year 2019